It's a place for people. 
The Bean is a place to study, socialize or just enjoy some delicious coffee and dessert. 
We designed and decorated our space to be a unique place that people like to come to. 
We want The Bean to be a place where everyone feels at home. Whether you are a coffee 
novice or a real expert we want you and everyone else to feel welcome and wanted here. 

It's a way to help others.
The coffee we serve is from fair trade roasters. That means that every cup of coffee 
is a part of providing fair wage to 
farmers in some of the most impoverished countries in the world. Additionally our roasters
are involved in a number of other charities and mission work. By using their product you are
a part of their good works too.

It's a family tradition. 
The Bean is a place to enjoy something more with the delicious desserts we make in house.
Many of the dishes we serve are ones we have prepared for friends through the years. The 
history of serving great food goes back to Sydney?s grandparents who started a number of
restaurants in various towns in Alabama some of which are still operating today

Fair Trade Coffee

Our Story

The Bean Coffee Shop desserts in Auburn best coffee fair trade coffee in Auburn Alabama one block off Toomer's Corner and Auburn Univeristy